Filtering results from LUSID

How can I filter results returned from LUSID?



Results retrieved through the search endpoints can also be filtered by using the LUSID filter syntax.


This syntax supports the following operators:

  • eq - equals

    displayname eq 'MyPortfolio'

    isDerived eq true

  • neq - not equals

    displayname neq 'MyPortfolio'

    isDerived neq true

  • lt - less than

    created lt 2017-02-01

    created lt 2017-02-02T18:00:00+02:12

  • lte - less than or equal to

    created lte 2017-02-01

    created lte 2017-02-02T18:00:00+02:12

  • gt - greater than

    created gt 2017-02-01

    created gt 2017-02-02T18:00:00+02:12

  • gte - greater than or equal to

    created gte 2017-02-01

    created gte 2017-02-02T18:00:00+02:12

  • in - equals one of a selection of

    displayName in 'MyPortfolio', 'MyOtherPortfolio'

  • not - negate

    not displayname in 'MyPortfolio', 'MyOtherPortfolio'


Properties can be filtered in the same way by providing a three part property key and one of the above operators

properties.Portfolio/default/Country eq 'fr'

properties.Portfolio/default/SigningDate gt 2016-01-01T01:01:01

Compounding queries:

Queries can be compounded using the 'and' and 'or' keywords

isDerived eq true and displayName eq 'Test2' and created eq 2017-01-01T01:01:00Z

isDerived eq true and created lt 2017-03-01