How do I use the workflow dashboard?

This article will show you how to access the workflow application, and provides a summary of the features that are available on the website for performing a holdings reconciliation

1. Accessing the workflow dashboard

You can access the LUSID workflow application either via: 1) the navigation panel on the top left corner, or 2) the app tray on the top right corner. Please note that you need to be signed in to your LUSID domain in order to access the navigation panel and app tray.

Website dashboard1

2. The holdings reconciliation dashboard

The holdings reconciliation dashboard allows you to compare the holdings of instruments between two portfolios. Please note that with LUSID's bi-temporal capabilities you can compare two view of the same portfolio at different effectiveAt or asAt dates. Once you have selected the portfolio(s) you would like to compare, you will be able to:

  • View the difference in the number of units of any instruments between the two portfolios.
  • View the difference in cost of any instruments between the two portfolios.