How do you group and aggregate portfolios?

How does LUSID support the grouping of hierarchies of portfolios and what can be done with created groups?

Portfolio grouping within LUSID allows for the construction of a hierarchy of portfolios and sub-groups, limited to five levels of nesting. Methods exist to create and delete groups and to add or remove portfolios or sub-groups. Portfolio groups are not currently treated as portfolios in LUSID; the only exposed method that accepts groups is aggregation.

For example:

  • Global (group)
  • North America (sub-group)
  • EMEA (sub-group)
  • USA (portfolio)
  • Canada (portfolio)
  • UK (portfolio)
  • France (portfolio)
  • Spain (portfolio)

In this example, aggregating holdings for the portfolio group: Global will return the set of holdings from portfolios: USA, Canada, UK, France and Spain.


Portfolio Groups