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How does LUSID resolve instruments?

Understand how LUSID will use the identifiers that you supply as part of an upload to resolve to a particular instrument.

As described in which instrument identifier scheme should I use? LUSID supports unique and non-unique identifiers to reference instruments.  This page describes the logic that is applied when you supply a set of these identifiers in one of the APIs which loads data into LUSID.

The following steps are performed in turn until one of them finds a unique instrument.

Step 1 Unique identifiers

Use the unique identifier types that you have configured in LUSID, in the order they appear in the configuration

  • If the request contains a value for the identifier and it resolves to an instrument already set up in LUSID, use this instrument.

Step 2 Non-unique identifiers

Use the remaining identifiers specified in the request

  • If the identifier resolves to exactly one instrument, use this instrument.
  • If it resolves to multiple instruments then ignore this identifier and move onto the next one.

If neither of these steps finds an instrument, then the Unknown Instrument is used.