Where can I find API documentation for the LUSID platform?

This article provides a summary of the various applications that exist within the LUSID platform and where you can find API documentation.

The LUSID platform is made up of a number of sub-applications as outlined in the table below, along with the accompanying API / swagger documentation. 

Application Description API / Swagger documentation
lusid This API gives secure access for authorised users to use the functionality associated with portfolios (and their associated resources).  Click here
website This is the LUSID website where you can view and manage your portfolios and users, as well as perform common business tasks.  Click here
scheduler The scheduler service allows you to manage and schedule jobs that interact with LUSID application using triggers. Click here
insights The insights application allows you to view the activity taking place within your LUSID domain. Click here
identity (lydia) Manage your Users (create, update, delete) and their roles, as well as managing your Application secrets.  Click here
access (shrine) Manage your licences, policies and roles, which are used by Identity to control who can do what in LUSID.  Click here


SDK's to interact with the LUSID API on GitHub are available in the following languages: