What demonstration portfolios exist within LUSID?

To help you get started, we have set up an example scope with several portfolios that form part of our "Getting Started" tutorial series and demonstrate some of LUSID's basic features and functionality

As part of your LUSID on boarding journey, we have created a "Getting Started" tutorial series to help you get up to speed on some of LUSID's basic features and functionality. To support this journey, we have populated your LUSID domain with a set of demonstration portfolios and transactions within the "FinbourneExamples" scope. Please see a list of the portfolios below:

  1. UK-Equities (Currency = GBP / Assets = Equity / 10 Holdings)
  2. Global-Equity (Currency = Multi-currency / Assets = Equity / 10 Holdings)
  3. US-Treasury-Bond (Currency = USD / Assets = Fixed Income / 10 Holdings)
  4. US-Corporate-Bond (Currency = USD / Assets = Fixed Income / 10 Holdings)

Each portfolio is populated with the following information:

  • Initial take on transactions for all holdings
  • Take on cash balance(s)
  • Base currency of portfolio
  • Series of full buys / sells and partial buys / sell transactions
  • Buy into several new instrument and sell out of several existing instruments

    In addition, these portfolios will automatically be updated with:

    • Ongoing periodic processing
    • Daily corporate actions processing